Links to Information on Clothing of all Stations, Mannerism, Persona, and the Like; Specific to the Late 1700's, to Include the British Colonies, with a Most Humble attempt to Clarify the Southern Colonies.

Short Title: How to Improve your Kit!

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Lochee's An Essay on Castrametation- How to set up camp

The East Florida Gazette- Published in St. Augustine 1783

Rivington's Gazette   Published in New York, this original newspaper provides some insights to the times. Loyalist point of view.

North Carolina Digitzed Newspapers Project  Scanned newspapers from various NC cities, 1750 to 1800's

On Beards, Moustaches, and other Facial Growths A paper presenting what we know about hair on the face.

18th Century New England Life  Great resource for information on clothing, accouterments etc. Not just New England specific, the information provided covers all areas of the colonies for the mid 1770's.

Colonial Williamsburg   Clothing information provided by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Virginia Gazette Runaway Ads   Advertisements from 1740 through 1770's for runaway slaves, servants, and deserters. Searchable, with clothing descriptions, and More.

The Native Guide- Information on Attending as a Native American Reenactor This website could keep you busy for a while. While a resource for clothing information, the Scholars Showcase features journals, diaries, essays, papers, and research all focussed for our time period.

Oxford's Journals   Provided by Oxford University, this site has scans of Gentleman's Magazine, as well as other 18th Century publications.

Drill Manual for 1779-1781  A well researched, footnoted British compilation Manual of Arms, based heavily on the Volunteer's Companion and other late 18th Century drill manuals.