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Appropriate Clothing

Camping at Francis Field

Camp and Parade Safety

Registration Information

Traffic Advisory

Saturday Daytime Participation



Fifes & Drums

The British Night Watch ~ A Grande Illumination Parade

Commemorative Coins

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Authenticity Requirements are published here, and must be read & followed by all who plan to attend.

Overall Dress: We are representing 1763 to 1783 in Florida, the British Period. This is the End of the French and Indian War, up to the End of the American War for Independence. You should strive to portray this era, and research information is available on this website.

Women portraying Soldiers: MUST not be noticeable, and must be able to disguise any noticeable female attributes.  NO Pirate, Rendezvous, Spanish, or later time period items, clothing, hair styles, or attitudes please.




Appropriate Clothing -

This event celebrates the era of the British Occupation of St Augustine (1763-1784) all clothing and accoutrements should conform to this period.  Participants should portray Colonial British, Allied Soldiers, Militia, Civilians, or Native Peoples who would have populated St Augustine during this time.  Absolutely no one will be permitted to participate in clothing from other eras than specified.  Research and links are located here.  Authenticity requirements here.





Regimental camping (company streets) will continue to be in the City of Saint Augustine's Francis Field, near the Parking Garage. This means we have much more space, so we are asking that you bring as many Military Wedge tents as possible!

IMPORTANT – UNLOADING- Plan to enter the encampment area at Riberia Street, the opposite end from the Parking Garage to access the camping area for off-loading your supplies.


The City of St. Augustine’s Francis Field Encampment Rules and Regulations

1. While the Field is fenced and closes at 5 p.m. you must provide your own security, except for Friday and Saturday evening when off duty police officers will patrol the camp site.
2. If you use bedding Straw for sleeping, please bag it in the provided bags when you break camp.
3. All trash is to be placed in the dumpster, with nothing left behind to be cleaned up by the City staff.
4. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 PM and end at 7:00 AM. 
5. Portable toilets will be provided, as well as trash containers.
6.  Open Fires are not permitted outside of designated areas. Refer to Site map Here. Other cook fires must be contained to braziers, and away from canvas.





Camp & Parade Safety  

Parade Info:  Private soldiers or Civilians NOT carrying & firing a weapon will act as Distaff Guards, and not march with the Military.
1.      All safety regulations and directions from the Safety Officer are to be followed. The Safety Officers are appointed on-site by the Committee for the Night Watch. Any violation of firearm safety, or common sense in regard to firearm safety shall be cause for an individual to be removed from this event.
2.    A safety inspection will be performed prior to any activity where musket firing will take place.  This inspection will be performed by the safety officer or his delegate.
3.    Firearms of any kind are not to be carried by persons under the age of 16 years.
4.    Only flintlock muskets and rifles with proper flash guards and leather hammerstalls may be used.  No pistols of any kind are allowed.
5.    Edged weapons are to be sheathed during this event except when officers are called upon to perform military salutes with their swords.  The only exception shall be properly mounted bayonets.
6.    All muskets and rifles will be elevated when discharged when presented at Government House..
7.    In case of a misfire, NPS rules concerning misfires will be observed at all times. ( Hold weapon for 10 seconds, notify a Safety Officer and then dump your powder. Please do not attempt to fire your weapon a second time)
8.    Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 not  permitted period, nor by anyone within two hours of any firing event.  All local city, state, and federal laws must be followed. Violators may be removed from this event. 
9.     Saturday Night's Parade is a mile and a half overall, and should not be attempted by those unable to walk that distance.
10.   Young Children should NOT be in the Reenactor portion of the Parade, as we do not allow carts, or strollers, and the Parade must not slow down.






All event registration is online.

At the event, registered participants simply sign in at the East Florida Census located near the entrance to the British Encampment in Francis Field. You will be able to sign in Friday afternoon and up until Noon on Saturday. When you sign in, you will receive your Parking Info, Commemorative Coin, and a General Good Feeling from doing the Right Thing.

Limited copies of the Schedule will be available at Registration. If you have any questions about the event or logistical concerns, The Committee is happy to answer your questions or through the Contact Us page.





Traffic Advisory

Please be aware the St. Augustine Christmas Parade begins at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Many downtown streets will be closed to facilitate floats and marching bands. Please plan to be in Camp by 9:30a.m  

Several roads will close Saturday evening as well, due to our parade, and could make movement by vehicle difficult.




Saturday Daytime Participation:  


We ask all Units to perform an activity lasting approximately 1 hour during the course of the day. 

This year, 2:00 PM we'll do the Short Troop, followed by Blessing of the Colours, a safety inspection, and Firings by brigades.

Here's a link to the script.

Those participating will receive a pass, allowing them to fire at Government House later that evening. Military groups that CAN NOT attend at 2:00 PM MUST make arrangements for safety inspection and firing demonstration before hand if they wish to participate in the parade that evening.

Civilians and Distaff that will march with the Military need to be in the Front half of Francis field at 2:00, for a quick practice of the Parade Formation.






Commemorative Coins will be distributed to registered participants only, You must pre-register ONLINE, and Sign In when you arrive at the Union Jack Hospitality Tent. There are a limited number of coins, which will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis WHEN YOU SIGN IN.





If you are CAMPING at Francis Field, you will be provided with a FREE parking space.

After those who CAMP have been assigned a parking space, remaining spaces will be given to those who plan to participate ALL DAY & EVENING on Saturday on a first come-first served basis. While we have more free parking available this year, our first priority is to those who camp at the event, followed by our most active participants. If you are NOT camping, there is no promise that you will have free parking.

Please do not show up to the event at 2:00 Saturday Afternoon and demand a parking space, it's just not going to happen. (Really, this HAS happened before.)

IF you are not CAMPING, On Saturday when you arrive, and will not be moving your car again, ask at the Gate if there is parking left- if there are passes remaining, we will issue it to you then.  We should be able to cover most of those who arrive early on Saturday, but again, no promises.

Otherwise-Parking will be available at the new City of St. Augustine's Self-serve Parking Garage next to the Visitor's Information Center on Castillo Drive. There are many metered spots around town & some pay for the day lots. Parking at any other "reserved" space is subject to towing and the Committee for the Night Watch, Inc. will not be held responsible for paying to liberate towed vehicles.  Please be careful.

Do not leave valuables unattended - Please be aware that this event is being held inside a tourist town.  Many others besides reenactors will have access to the camp. The Committee for the Night Watch, Inc. has agreed to provide security in camp Friday and Saturday evenings, but be aware that break-ins and theft are a real possibility.






The Committee for the Night Watch, Inc. welcomes for the 3rd year Sutler coordinator Susan Thornton.  If you are interested in setting up, our event is juried. If you have not received an invitation, Please contact the Sutler coordinator  to discuss what you intend to sell, what your space requirements will be,  and provide photographs of your intended wares. Unfortunately, the Committee for the Night Watch, Inc. cannot afford to provide security for your shop, but the Field is fenced and fairly secure after 5 PM. Pease use common sense and don’t leave valuables unattended. The Committee for the Night Watch, Inc. will be providing an off-duty St. Augustine Police Officer Friday evening 7PM-10PM, and Saturday from 7PM - 10PM so that everyone is able to leave Camp for Meals and the British Night Watch~Grand Illumination Parade.




Fifes & Drums:

Scott Manny is in charge of making all arraignments for musical performances.  Please contact him at-  Music activities are planned all day at the encampment, check the schedule for times and places.

If you are an experienced 18th Century musician who is participating for the first time please contact us, so that we may provide you with the playlist and music. 





The British Night Watch Parade: 

March to the fifes and drums through the same streets marched through by British Troops over 200 years ago.  The form up for the parade is at 7:00 in on St. George Street by the City Gates. No groups may join the Parade after formation.

NEW: Your unit's placement and participation in the British Night Watch ~ Grande Illumination Parade is based upon your units participation in other event activities, as well as timely appearance at Parade Formation.

Non-reenactors and other persons who wish to march along with the parade are invited to fall in behind the Civilians and Distaff.








Revised: November 27, 2013