Camp Appearance

Private soldiers should not have excessive camp equipment--most participants should be using standard size wedge tents. Wall tents should only be used by officers, and possibly used as a supply tent. Marquees are allowed for officers, if desired. The encampment will be laid out as described in Lochée's An Essay on Castrametation

Odd size tents may be put in odd locations….. Here is an example of a revolutionary war Tent

All modern items and equipment should be kept out of site. No open flames in tents; Flaps should be tied on tents containing non-period items.  We encourage Period correct tents open for demo.

The following items MUST NOT be visible during hours the camp is open to the public:

 Modern lighting
 Modern camp stoves
 Non-period cookware, such as blue enamel speckle ware 
 Visible plastic bags
 Visible cots or sleeping bags 
 Lanterns stands 
 Unbroken hay bales used as furniture in camps 
 Two piece camp chairs in camps, rendezvous furniture or other inappropriate furnishings 
 Visible non-period foodstuffs 
 Visible modern food packaging including beverage cans, bottles, etc.
 Cell phones or electronics

Personal Appearance

Overall Dress: We are representing 1763 to 1783 in Florida, the British Period. This is the End of the French and Indian War, up to the End of the American War for Independence. You should strive to portray this era, and research information is available on this website.
The female Sleeveless Bodice did not exist. A similar item of clothing did exist, but as under-clothing. Please do not show off your underclothing in Public! The Bodice is Banned.
Footwear: Shoes must be period correct; if you have no other choice but to wear black modern shoes, they must be covered. 
Facial hair:  Clean Shaven is ideal. You will be On Parade, and should be at your best 18th Century Soldierly Appearance.  It is possible Facial Hair may be banned in the near future with only a very few documented exceptions.
Natives! Please refer to this guide for your appearance.
Obvious Modern eyeglasses are not allowed.
Smoking: Cigarettes are not allowed in camps or public areas during public hours. Use a pipe, or handrolled type cigar.
Women portraying Soldiers: MUST not be noticeable, and must be able to disguise any noticeable female attributes.
NO Pirate, Rendezvous, Spanish, or later time period items, clothing, hair styles, or attitudes please.