Camp Rules & Guidelines

Historic Camden Revolutionary War Field Days 2014

October 31-November 2 2014



ALL CAMPS: Onsite Registration/Cars in Camp

See the MAP here for an overview of the setup.

Registration will begin at 2 PM Friday through 11 PM Friday, and reopen at 8 AM Saturday morning through 10 AM. Late arrivals will be asked to carry their belongings into the camps as a courtesy to those already set up and in anticipation of visitors arriving. Exceptions will be made for emergencies.

The camps will be closed to vehicular traffic after 9 AM Saturday morning until 3PM Sunday afternoon (exceptions will, of course, be made for emergencies).  Those arriving after 12 AM Saturday should be prepared to carry equipment from the parking area into their camp, as a courtesy to those who are sleeping.  

When you arrive, unload your vehicle, move it to the UNPAVED reenactor parking area, and then set up. Parking information is at the Registration Tent(s)- The paved lot is for handicapped Visitors Only.

No cars are to remain in camp overnight under any circumstances.


Military Camp Set Up

After on-site registration, you will be directed to either the Patriot or Crown forces Provost Headquarters for directions to your camp. Participants may begin to set up on Friday after 2 PM.  All participants are strongly urged to arrive before 12 AM Saturday morning, in order to access the camps with a vehicle.

Units or individuals who attempt to encamp outside the designated areas will be asked to leave the event.


Military Camp Layout

The American encampments will be laid out as described the Von Steuben Manual. The British encampment will be laid out as described in Lochée's An Essay on Castrametation. The respective Quartermaster will oversee the layout and provide instructions as to the location of each unit’s camp.


Civilian Demonstrator Camp Layout

The Demonstrator area is between the American Military Camp, and the Sutler area. It is meant to have a heavy flow of visitors from the Entrance and Military through to the rest of the site. Please be very mindful of ropes, trip hazards, and fire placement. See the Demonstrator coordinator, Kathleen Harris for camping area assignment, and fire placement. Fires will be limited in this area, both to conserve wood and for visitor safety.


Military Tents

Private soldiers should not have excessive camp equipment--most participants should be using standard size wedge tents unless they have a command position. Please plan accordingly. Wall tents should only be used by officers, and possibly used as a supply tent. Marquees are allowed for officers, if desired. No open flames in tents; please use period correct lanterns.



Kitchens/Dining Flies

While units are allowed to set up fires in the rear of their camp area, participants are encouraged to make use of the more-authentic camp kitchens if available. Participants using the kitchens are asked to limit themselves to tin kettles or iron pots of an appropriate period design. Units are encouraged to forego the use of dining flies; marquee tops and ad-hoc shelters are more appropriate choices. An area of the kitchens will be designated a No Fly Zone.


Special Impressions

Special impressions are encouraged such as surgeons, sutlers, laundress, etc.  Please contact the Event Coordinator so that accommodations can be made ahead of time.


Logistical Needs

Water will be available from the site; the Patriot and Crown camps will each have a central straw and firewood cache available. Hay bales are meant to be either used in a tent for bedding purposes. No baled hay is allowed in camp. ½ bale is allowed per tent that is being slept in, and no hay or straw is to be used around the outside of tents or around the fires. Yes, we have seen that, and yes, it does burn rather rapidly. Both Port-a-Johns and full restroom facilities are adjacent to the camps.


Camp Appearance

All modern items and equipment should be kept out of site. Flaps should be ties on tents containing non-period items. The following items should NOT be visible during hours the camp is open to the public:


Personal Appearance

Overall Dress: We are representing late war Southern impression, circa 1780-1781 in South Carolina. Units should strive to portray this era, but authentic impressions from earlier in the war are acceptable.


Footwear: Shoes must be period correct; if you have no other choice but to wear black modern shoes, they must be covered.  Persons wearing visible modern shoes will not be allowed on the field.


Facial hair:  Clean Shaven is ideal but not mandatory. (A three-day growth is good). It is possible Facial Hair may be banned in the future with only a few documented exceptions, but it is not currently.


The female Sleeveless Bodice did not exist. A similar item of clothing did exist, but as under-clothing. Please do not show off your underclothing in Public! The Bodice is Banned in 2014.


Eyeglasses: Modern eyeglasses are not allowed.

Natives! Please refer to this guide for your appearance.
Women portraying Soldiers: MUST not be noticeable, and must be able to disguise any noticeable female attributes.
NO Pirate, Rendezvous, or later time period items, clothing, hair styles, or attitudes please.

Smoking: Cigarettes are not allowed in any camps or public areas during public hours.


Non-Compliance with Camp and Personal Appearance Guidelines

We will gently, but actively enforce the Camp and Personal Appearance guidelines this year. Our goal is not to drive participants away, but to improve our impressions so as to present a more authentic picture of 18th-century military life to the public.

Military Units will be inspected at various times during the event. Units will be advised as to which, if any, aspects of their camp are areas for improvement; blatant anachronisms will be addressed and corrected if possible.  Grossly inappropriate camp equipage will not be allowed.

Individual Military participants will be inspected at morning formation on Saturday. Each participant will be advised as to which, if any, aspects of their kit is an area for improvement for the future; those with blatant anachronisms will not be allowed to participate in the battles unless the issues are corrected. Individual Military participants who have a grossly inappropriate impression may be asked to leave the event.


Other Policies

This event adheres to the Southern Artillery Rules

Insurance:  units must have proof of policy (minimum liability coverage).

Horses:  must have proof of Coggins Test within the past 12 months. 

Pets:  Pets are not allowed.

Individual Riflemen: All participants must drill/field with a unit who agrees to take responsibility for that individual.

Provost Guards: Each unit may be asked to provide a soldier to serve on the Provost Guard. The Guard will enforce the Event Guidelines to insure the safety and authenticity of the event.